Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So much has happened....

So much has happened since my previous post a few months ago, as you last heard I was living up the college life in Orlando with two roommates and one of those being my best friend. Well it sounds great but living on my own got way to expensive and I also was not getting the experience that I wanted out of moving away. (I may or may not have had too move involuntarily.) Then literally two days after getting back home with the family we are all forced to get out of that house in a 24 hour period, which sounded almost next to impossible but from the great help from friends and family we did it. Only after we were done did the previous land lord say we had an extra few days to pack, none of us were happy. So in the state of "homelessness" my family was stressed to it's maximum and did not know what too do. With the great help of family and friends we were able to stay in houses with them until we found a new home. By the end of October we all needed a break so I went too New York first too see my dad because he had been working a travel job since August to help get us by. Then in late November the rest of the family followed. I have always wanted to move back to Upstate New York since we left so this trip only helped and I decided too move back to the Empire State in June and finish my degree there. I had a wonderful time while up there and got too spend tons of time with my cousin Cheyanne, she is not only my cousin though I can consider her one of my best friends. (Although I don't admit it enough.)  I do regret that I did not get too visit a majority of my family while I was there, the main reason was transportation issues. So those of you who are reading this I am sorry and I will be sure to make it up too you when I get back up there. By the time the trip was over my family found a house and we were able too move in as soon as we got back. Now things seem to be getting back on track, I got my old job at target back, my dad has his degree as a nurse practitioner and only needs to take his qualifications test, after that he'll have a better paying job that he enjoys. I think that the biggest lesson I learned through out the past few months is that you can't avoid your problems they will catch up with you, and have a back up plan! Thank you for reading and I promise I will post more often and it will be more musically inclined!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Preserve the Sound! : Twin Forks.

Preserve the Sound! : Twin Forks.: Today I found out last month a band called Twin Forks had debuted an EP, and for those of you that don't know what EP stands for it is &...

Twin Forks.

Today I found out last month a band called Twin Forks had debuted an EP, and for those of you that don't know what EP stands for it is "a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but too short to qualify as a studio album." -Wiki.  I came across the EP because I went to the Dashboard Confessional website to check into their future tour dates and it popped up right before my eyes. I was confused so I continued to investigate this pop up and it was samples of music from the band Twin Forks. Which I then learned Dashboard Confessionals lead singer Chris Caraba "needed a creative break" from his previous alternative band and joined Suzie Zeldin, Jonathan Clark, and Ben Homola to create a band straying from the rock alternative and entering into the genre of folk. After listening to the samples I was pleasantly surprised and then downloaded them. I can compare Twin Forks music to The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, and one specific song (Scraping up the Pieces) reminds me of an Irish pub sort of song. Although I do hope Dashboard Confessional can get back together after Chris's "break" and hopefully make another album since their last album was released in 2009. Below I will add some links so you can check out Twin Forks new music! Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Early Morning Posting.

Silly me, I stayed up all night. My future self will regret this in a few hours, and excuse me if i start to just blabber on. I have not written up on here in a while so I am just doing a little check in if people read this regularly (which is doubtful.) I am now located in Orlando because I was suppose to start classes here but that was a huge fail and college isn't just a few quick steps and your done, its you get to the next step and some sort of financial advisor says oops you missed one file from a meaningless source so now you have to wait 6-8 weeks for your information to go through. Anyway I am moving on from that and moving on from Orlando and my next stop is New York. I am originally from Fulton, NY a small city outside of Syracuse but that will not be my destination. My plan for right now is to go to Monroe Community College in Rochester to get some pre-recs done so when I am done there I can move to Upstate Medical University in Syracuse for a Bachelor's Degree in Diagnostic Sonography. Right at this moment that is my next four year plan and hopefully it can stay that way, but one MAJOR lesson I have learned is that plans change due to reasons you sometimes can't control so you learn to adapt and figure out a new plan. I will not be doing this trip alone I will be joined by current roommate/best friend and we'll be roomies at least until I am done at Monroe and I am glad I am not doing it alone or else I would probably not do it. (I can't take credit though for the New York plan it was Mckenna's original idea and after research I agreed to come with her.) The move will take place hopefully in January or sometime around the new year (but again plans change.) I am glad to be moving closer to my family I only see once in a while and will enjoy there company hopefully on a regular basis. Okay well I'll start doing music stuff and updates more. Bye. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Half Time Review.

So today I had the idea to make a video at the end of summer and beginning of fall to explain some of the things that have influenced me during this fine and very hot season, but not only can I wait that long I am not going to be able to remember anything I have been influenced by at this time (the present). That is exactly what this post is for its sort of a mid summer review. So read on if you would like to see how I have been using my summer and you should take some of this as advice and let the next few subjects influence you!

Okay so first thing I have to talk about is the biggest thing that I have taken part in this summer and that is listening to music and drowning myself in it. I think the biggest music news of this year is the recent Fall Out Boy "reunion" album Save Rock and Roll. I do know that the album release was in April but the album is the most played on my "summer playlist". I do have to say that based on my taste a majority of the album was a 100 percent hit, but like every other album in the world there are some songs on there that I can listen too once or twice but then I start hitting the skip button on my iphone after that 3rd time playing. An example of the songs I enjoy the least on the album would be: Where did the Party Go, The Mighty Fall, and Death Valley. But with that said (getting the negative out of the way first,)  I can say that there are a lot of songs on the album that I will probably love forever! The three top songs in my opinion are: Alone Together, Young Volcanoes, and Save Rock and Roll (ft. Sir Elton John.) So if you have yet to check it out go ahead and listen to the album and by the time you are done reminiscing about the Fall Out Boy legacy you will be getting on itunes and downloading the album and falling in love with the music and lyrics almost as fast as I did.
Top Ten Summer Songs (outside of Fall Out Boy):
1. Rivers and Roads-The Head and the Heart
2. We Get High and Vampires Kiss-John Gold
3. Hold on-Alabama Shakes
4. Silly boy-The Blue Van
5. Blurred Lines-Robin Thicke
6. Miley Cyrus- We can't stop
7. Bon Iver- Skinny Love
8. Bobcaygeon-The Tragically Hip
9. Chocolate-The 1975
10. Avicii-Wake me Up

This summer the tech side of me has really came out of its cocoon and I have found a ton of useful websites especially for a broke college student. So here are a few:

Ten Dollar Mall: 
This website is a HUGE life saver! It is a site that sells clothing, shoes, makeup, ect... for women, men, kids, and plus. The best part is that everything is under ten dollars hence the Ten Dollar Mall. I have already purchased at least 10 things from them and all of my clothes are great and the designers take a whole bunch of ideas from huge name brand stores and put them together to create a similar outfit that the "middle and lower classes" can afford. So if you want to get a lot of clothing for cheap go to 10 dollar mall!
Link: http://www.10dollarmall.com/

I have a specific theory that I stick too when it comes to Targets products because when things first come out it is very expensive in my opinion and the theory is "to just wait." This is because if you wait maybe a month the items you once loved but had to forget due to the price are now 30-70% off because they are on clearance due to a lot of different factors, including decrease in demand, over stocking, and there are new things coming in to replace the older now less expensive products.
Link: http://www.target.com/

I have heard about the site etsy A LOT recently from people that rave about it so like the recommenders I was on Etsy and fell in love. You look through a whole catalog of subjects to find a product and the price is based on what you want due to its extensive filter when searching. I can say that 85 percent of the products sold on Etsy are homemade and thats why you are getting it so cheap because it is more of a private seller. But when you get the products from a private seller it has a very vintage feel to it and in my personal thoughts I think that vintage is an amazing look.
Link: http://www.etsy.com/

Not only is Songza a website but it is an amazing app that I use almost everyday. When signing onto Songza it shows a "concierge" of different and very specific times to listen to music pops up that ranges between Riding in the car to Late night party. Then after you choose your time in the concierge it brings you to the genre you would like to hear and then you can listen to thousands of playlist based on what you told the app you would like to listen too.

Well yeah that's it for now in the MIDSUMMER REVIEW!
Be sure to check in, check out my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/n175209cvp (liking, commenting, and subscribing), and have a great summer!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My favorite thing?

         One of my favorite things in the world is when i find an exceptionally inspiring song that can change my whole mood in the 3 to 5 minutes its playing. Its the song I can listen too forever and every time i hear it there is a new meaning and the effect it has on me is even stronger than the previous time listening. It's sad because now a days it happens on very seldom occasions and it's usually not in with the "mainstream" music its a song i had to dig pretty deep for if its not on the dark path of youtube suggestions its in the background of a movie trailer, tv show, commercial, or feature film.  I think that the only inspiring song that was on the radio was My Body by Young the Giant, and even that was on a community channel that usually doesn't come in, it just happened to be where my car was parked that the radio signal caught the channel. But I thank that one unique channel because it introduced me to Young The Giant. 

A few (okay well more than a few) songs I found inspiring (but deffinately not all of them)
I hope some of you check these out and I also hope the songs have the same effect:
Jason Collett: Rave on Sad Songs
Violent Femmes: Good Felling
John Gold: Vampires Kiss
Passion Pit: Carried Away
A Fine Frenzy: Now Is The Start
Ellie Goulding: Anything Could Happen
Travis: Sing
Young the Giant: 12 Fingers
Coldplay: The Scientist, Fix You
Keane: Somewhere Only We Know
Radio Head: Creep, Fake Plastic Trees
Dashboard Confessional: Water and Bridges
Killers: All the things that I have done
Temper Trap: Sweet Dispositon
Nada Surf: Inside of Love
Hayley Taylor: No More Wishing
Modest Mouse: Float On
Mat Kearney: Nothing Left to Lose

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I uploaded a video.......GO WATCH!!!

Alrighty, so I have added a new video to my archive and this one is about my make up pet peeves! To be more specific its me putting make up in my face the way that I don't like it yet a lot of girls do and they end up looking like a sad clown all day! So go ahead and watch and have a great day!